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Hypnosis Feminization will really open your mind and thoughts to embrace your true female self that has been waiting for so long to explore this part of you and with hypnosis feminization anything is possible. I know you have had a lifetime trying to repress these feelings of guilt, denial and perhaps fear but they won’t go away and as you have grown older the feminine desire grows stronger within you. Hypnosis feminization will enhance your female growth and you will embrace it more knowing it is what you have wanted and desired for the longest time.

We are all conditioned from birth, a lifetime of thoughts and customs have been drummed into us of how men and women should behave and conduct themselves, what they should wear and much more. There are so many pressures we constantly face in society. This is just a part of your journey into learning and accepting who you really are and with the aid of feminization hypnosis you can do that. Hypnosis feminization is all positive giving you the feel good factor about yourself.

With your feminine nature you need to create a balance within your family, home and work life and in so doing increasing your self esteem on your journey with hypnosis feminization. You see I understand you more than you than you understand yourself. Hypnosis feminization will give you that edge anyone can be hypnotized if they want to be, it’s your acceptance of your feminine self that will allow you to just relax and let any cares or worries just float away.

Here you will find a wide array of hypnosis feminization mp3's from someone who is a trained hypnotherapist and also runs a crossdressing transformation service and for TV’s, CD, transvestites and transsexuals in so doing understands you, the real you. The perfect combination to be dressed from head to toe, then hypnotized into becoming that beautiful woman deep inside you.

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Hypnosis Feminization Review

Hypnosis Feminization Review by Elizabeth

I wanted to write to say thank so much for the file Hypnosis Feminization that you sent me yesterday. I listened to it in bed last night and was really moved. I have always liked the idea of hypnosis feminization and meditation but never really seemed to embrace it completely but with your hypnosis feminization I am completely bold over.

Your recording Hypnosis Feminization is the first thing I have ever listened to which has given me permission to actively embrace the fact that I should have been born a girl. I’ve been fighting it all these years and I guess like most TS’s or transvestites I have squashed my female self down under my male ego for so long it hurts. I’ve finally come to terms with this over the last few months; I’m 43 now and am now starting to undo a whole lifetime of male programming. I really want to thank you for introducing me to Hypnosis Feminization which I believe can help me to accept and enjoy being a girl, not only in a non-judgmental way but a really positive way and your hypnosis feminization is ultimately positive and upbeat. After I listened to your recording Hypnosis Feminization I really felt for the first time that I can actually look in a mirror and see who I really am deep inside, rather than the male face I am faced with. As a result I can now finally see how I can actually start to love myself. I really cried in such in a positive way. I can’t wait to listen at least once a day for the next month to your wonderful hypnosis recording Hypnosis Feminization.

I was looking at your dressing service and would really enjoy being dressed and having some photos taken at some point soon and of course hypnotized with hypnosis feminization. I would also really appreciate a makeup lesson as it’s been years since I dressed and made myself over - I know cosmetics have changed so much over that time. I can’t wait to catch up on what I’ve missed out on and of course much more hypnosis feminization. Thank you so much you have started something in me that I never want to stop now. Elizabeth x Hypnosis Feminization Devotee

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